A word from Ian (10 Apr 20)


Happy Easter – hope that you are all keeping well and staying strong.

This has probably been the worst three week holiday of our lives, so we’ve really cherished the uplifting and regular messages of support from you all who, like us, have sorely missed the craic of the restaurant and, in particular, Meopham life. It’s not quite the same shouting across from the other side of the Wrotham Road when out for exercise.

With Boris bouncing back, our staff eager to return to work and assuming that everyone follows the necessary regulations as instructed, it looks like we may be permitted to open the restaurant in some format from mid-May. No problem with perhaps vertical drinking at the bar being outlawed, likewise an insistence on suitably spaced, clothed tables, serviced by certified staff, with reservations only – stuff we’ve always offered.

We’ll be cranking open the kitchen for a limited oven-ready style takeaway menu for collection from Thursday 16th April so that we’re relatively up to speed come the day. Menu, pricing and opening hours will be up on the website soon. In through the front door, pick up your order in a waiting area of spacious solo tables, out through the back. We’ll also be happy to bring your food to your car in the car park if you prefer.

Hope to see you soon – meantime as Poirot, who we’ve all been watching, would say, à bientôt!

Ian Eldridge, Proprietor
[email protected]