A word from Ian (Jan 17)


So, you ask, was 2016 all that we had hoped for? Anything we could have done differently? Hindsight, what a wonderful ingredient, I must put it on the menu! And what does 2017 have in store for us? The truth is none of us really know for sure, we’ll simply have to work with whatever is thrown our way and make the best of it – I guess it will be much more of the same.

Our biggest challenge for 2017 is that the Valuation Office Agency is still proposing a whopping 42% increase on my business rates from a ridiculous and unaccountable £500 per week to over £700 per week. I was previously quoted when up before Dartford Magistrates Court for holding back the increase then that I’d rather pay the Mafia – they’d at least dine with us and look after me and my staff!

Moving on though, loads of other stories to share with you from the festive period, our plans for 2017 too, but I can tell you more when I see you.

Sadly, Antonio & Chiara, after nine years with us have decided to return back to Sicily in February for some quality time with their families. They will be missed by so many, staff and customers alike. Both of them have played such a major part in the development of Bartellas and I hope that they take with them many cherished memories of their time here.

As ever

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