A word from Ian (Oct 16)


Wonderful to see so many of you already booked in over December and in particular on Christmas Day when we will be serving into the early evening. Nothing worth watching on the telly, so increasingly we find members enjoying the day at home with family, neighbours and friends over a glass or two and some simple nibbles before the big turkey dinner at Bartellas without all the hassle. Make a note now for next year but you’ll need to book in December 2016 to be sure of your place for 2017.

Brexit ~ fascinating to monitor the Tesco v Unilever Brexit backlash. Most suppliers have tried it on in recent months and if it’s not Brexit it’s ‘the Chinese have bought everything’ or ‘the Chileans/Indonesians have buggered up their fish stocks’. I was even told that the waters in Scotland were too cold! We’re changing our house wine to a Spanish variety because Italian producers have tried to enforce unreasonable increases and expect us to simply pass it on to you, which we won’t do.

Business rates ~ set by the Valuation Office Agency, is once again rearing its ugly head in time for April 2017. They’re proposing a 47% increase over and above our existing absurd and appalling value for money rate of £500 per week – we don’t even get a bin emptied for that.

Club Bartellas ~ please remember that we can only credit your account with the 15% retrospective discount on food and drink that you have paid for and assuming your membership is up to date.

As ever

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