A word from Ian (Jul 19)


Check out the forthcoming events schedule for the rest of the year including BBQs, soul night, Psychic Sadie and, back by popular demand, our pre ski season white weeker party – plenty of off-piste pandemonium. And yes, we even have the provisional Christmas Day and Christmas Prix Fixe menus ready for your consideration – the environmentally friendly but quality crackers have already been ordered!

Sadly we still have some members trying to play the angles rather too sharply when building their credit. It’s a very generous system, please don’t abuse it.

Business rates update: the bureaucrats at Gravesham Borough Council (GBC) summoned me into Court this week for withholding payment of our business rates this financial year – £546 per WEEK they’re now demanding. Left me in a stifling waiting room for three hours, not even a glass of water available, then up before the magistrates bench. No mention that GBC prompted by the not-fit-for-purpose Valuation Office Agency (VOA) actually owes my business £71,561 which they had blackmailed me to pay since 2010 – a blatant over-estimation and charging on my restaurant.

Members of the Bench, while respectful of the law, awarded them the liability order but with no enforcement action and no costs awarded against me so that together we can sort out the mess the VOA have created – a common sense judgement. More of you should join the uprising (enough is enough) still expect my money back though!

Thanks as always for your support as well as your kind and helpful comments – our mantra continues to be “always room for improvement”.

As ever

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